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Compare UK Parties' Commitment to Disabled People

The Disability Scorecard 

Welcome to the Disability Scorecard, a tool designed to help you compare the commitments of major political parties in the UK to the demands outlined in the Disabled People’s Manifesto.


This scorecard provides a straightforward way to assess where each party stands on key issues affecting disabled people across the country. By using this resource, you can engage with your local Members of Parliament (MPs) and hold them accountable for their positions on disability rights.​


Assess party commitments.

Make Informed Voting Decisions

Hold MPs accountable.



  1. Please review the scorecard on this page. It asks 5 yes or no questions and produces a score on housing, inclusion, and social care issues.

  2. Contact your local MP and ask them to clarify their party's stance on each issue.

  3. Add up their Yes's - this is their score.

  4. Compare the scores of each party (Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative, and UKIP); it will demonstrate the responses of the major UK political parties to the demands of Disabled People in the UK.

  5. You can also use these questions to advocate for policies aligning with the manifesto's goals.

  6. Review our guide to accessible social media.

  7. Share this scorecard on social media using the hashtag #disabledpeoplesmanifesto2024 to raise awareness and encourage a broader conversation on disability rights in the UK.


  • Yes: The party supports the demand.

  • No: The party does not support the demand.

  • N/A: The party has not provided a clear response or stance on the issue.

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