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DPO Forum England

The collective voice of Deaf and Disabled People's Organisations in England.

Nothing about us without us.

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Show your support by:

  • Emailing your local MP (Member of Parliament)

  • Signing the Manifesto as an individual or a group

  • Signing up to hear more from us

  • Sharing information on social media


We've got lots of resources to help you spread the word about the Manifesto, including:

  • Social media images

  • A messaging guide

  • A pledge card

  • Advice on making accessible social media posts

  • And more!

A cartoon of two people with raised fists, fighting for their rights

We are Deaf and Disabled People's Organisations in England.


This means our groups are run by and for Deaf and Disabled people.


We join together to campaign for change.

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